Breadboard Friendly Dual OneWire, Easy

I’ve decided to start blogging about the random, small, and probably insignificant ideas and timesavers I come up with.

So for this one, a while ago I had put some temp probes into an IDC connector. Seems simple enough, and I just plugged jumper wires into the IDC socket and then a breadboard.

I went to use them again this week and I thought,


well if I could just put a 2×3 header in here and straight into the breadboard… they would just need to be interleaved. I’d have probably made a 4x temp probe connector if I had any 2×6 IDC, but 2×5 is all I have right now.


So I undid the IDC and rearranged the leads (be very gentle undoing an IDC connector, or have a spare handy, or both really).

Gently press pins to center

Then you just need a standard piece of 2×3 breakaway header. Use some pliers to grip the long end of a pin and the header body. One by one, gently slide the pins so they’re centered on the header body.

Fantastic! To the arduino to measure a temperature differential between a heated chamber and ambient.

And here’s all the pics.