Broken, Now Fixed

Seems this blog was broken, not sure for how long. Tracked the issue to a missing AllowOverides directive for apache.

Hey googlers. If you have a wordpress site and you get 404 on every page but the main page, and you’ve checked everything else everyone tells you to do (check the .htaccess file, check mod_rewrite is on, save the permalink style again and again) and still no dice? Check apache’s AllowOverrides for the directory. 😀


USBee and PulseView

If you get one of these USBee AX PRO logic analyzers and you try to use it in linux with pulseview you’ll probably get the cryptic error “Failed to set time-based sample limit.”

USBee clone
USBee clone

What actually fails is uploading the firmware to the device, which the pulseview message kindly leaves out. If instead you use sigrok-cli you might notice that the firmware failed. The problem is one of mere permissions. You can simply run pulseview as root and it works dandy. Or, if you followed the instructions here and copied the udev rules to /etc/udev/rules.d then you just need to add your user to the group plugdev. If you use RPM you can see where the rules file is in the libsigrok package. It’s in /usr/share/udev/rules.d/. Actually, I’m not sure if it even needs to be copied from there to /etc to work. It may work just fine where it is.

Now, enjoy using your logic analyzer in linux!